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Saloon At The Edge of Everywhere – A Review

Originally posted on A Mixed Bag:
Saloon at the Edge of Everywhere is a book very much along the lines of Pratchett or Adams. It has humour in it at just the right moments, and the descriptions of some of…

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Why Trent Lewin is my best friend in the whole world… that I have never actually talked to face to face…

In the first place, he is my head minion. Maybe that doesn’t sound like a compliment to you, but trust me, it is. It means that he is more loyal than a Golden Retriever. Okay, that sounds a little dismissive … Continue reading

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I raise my kids right…

This morning, Mollie, my 15-year-old, was making me pancakes while she listened to Behind Blue Eyes by The Who. She then went shopping with Grandma and came home with a Pink Floyd t-shirt. Then, just a while ago, I got … Continue reading

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