Blogging… it is a lot like being addicted to crack… only cheaper…

Not that I’m saying I have ever been addicted to crack. But the symptoms seem to be very similar. I spend every waking minute wanting to do it. And no matter how much I do it, I still want to do more. When I am not doing it, I am thinking about doing it.

I stay up way too late, telling myself that I am almost done, knowing that I am going to be a wreck the next day, but I just need one more little fix.

I get jittery when I can’t do it.

I know there are things I should get done, but they always seem to slip into the background.

I know I should spend more time with my family. And I will… just not right now.

I think I could be a successful writer and musician and artist… but I have this great idea for a post, and it shouldn’t take me too long.

But hey… I know I can quit anytime I want to.



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48 Responses to Blogging… it is a lot like being addicted to crack… only cheaper…

  1. If you did want to know what being addicted to crack was like, you could probably get that information from your very own crack squirrels….. 🙂

  2. How’s that working out for you so far? 🙂

  3. benzeknees says:

    You need help Art! They should start a support group or a 12 step program for guys like you!

  4. kunstkitchen says:

    Totally cracked me up (and I need that. So thanks!0

  5. longchaps2 says:

    Yes it is and we don’t want no stinkin’ intervention. Leave us alone with our folly. Thank you very much! lol. You nailed it buddy. As always, great post. Enjoy your vacation. We’ll miss you.

  6. That’s how I always felt about being in the edit suite. Just one more edit. I just want to get this one frame/one effect/one sound right. I can’t tell you how many times my husband would call and I would say, “I’m leaving in 10 minutes.” Three hours later he would call to see if I was OK. Happy times.

    • I have that kind of personality too… led to a lot of trouble in my youth… I can still get that way over a new computer game or some other things

      • I just hate interrupting a good flow so to speak. Sometimes it takes so long to get going and really get into something, I hate to interrupt it. Of course there is always that “perfection” thing. But, no matter how good the finished product is, I will still see something I could have done better…if only I had spent a few more minutes.

  7. nancytex2013 says:

    For me it’s the second guessing last-minute revisions I’d like to make on a post I’ve scheduled to publish. Last night at 10:15, I realized I wanted to add/change something for the post scheduled to land this morning. I had to restrain myself from powering up my laptop. I was fixated on it. Literally had to tell myself it would be okay. That if I was that concerned about it, I could always do a post-publish edit. Crazy.

  8. Except for the last two sentences, you could have written an identical post under the title “Blogging… it is a lot like being a horny teenager.”

  9. Paul says:

    Ummm, being fairly new to this activity, I wasn’t aware of that. But I’m starting to understand.

  10. List of X says:

    Hey! Why was I not following you?? I need my dose!!

  11. Writer’s rehab sit in front of the TV.

  12. AZ Gringa says:

    Blogging is like being on stage.
    I have this idea in my head that I could actually be a successful humorist if I tried.

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