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Let’s make a cover for my new novel; a step-by-step blog series, and I want your input!… part 1…

The thing is… (hey, thing!, you haven’t been around here forever!!!)… that these mock-ups that I did a long time ago are no longer relevant. That is because I had to rename the novel. It turns out that ‘the seven … Continue reading

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Jello, people, do you miss me?

I just have a lot going on. Working full time at weird hours, and editing my newest novel, which is almost done… so now I need to start doing the cover art… and I am going to do that right … Continue reading

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I’m not sure if you understand how much effort my dog put into eating my books…

So, here they are, the very first copies of my novels that I sent for from the company that does my self-publishing. The first version I can hold in my hands. I order one copy to do a final edit … Continue reading

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Well, you may not have read the first three books in my action/humor science fictions series, but the fourth book is now officially finished and available to all…

Yes, it is finally finished. This book closes the story that began in book one. Follow our unlikely hero as he rises from a janitor at a Texas-style saloon on an alien space station, battling space pirates, unraveling plots and … Continue reading

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About my books… part 2… I have my new hook to write another book…

As I mentioned, way down there below the crazy bone pictures and the Trump observations, in part one of this series, my newest book is, for all intents and purposes, done. That would be book four of my action/humor science … Continue reading

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So, about those aliens in my latest science fiction novel…

I have decided, as I am doing the final edit-read through of the fourth book in my action/humor science fiction series: The Otherwhere Chronicles, titled: Otherwheres Colide, and soon to be available over there—> in my sidebar–> with my other … Continue reading

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Oh yeah, the first copy of my new book is here!!!

The joys of self-publishing. Yes, it is book four of The Otherwhere Chronicles, written by yours truly. I have received the very first copy, in order to proofread it, and look for formatting errors and what not. I couldn’t decide … Continue reading

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