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One of my new podcast sponsors… ha!

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But seriously… have you listened to my podcast yet???

I have 16 episodes now. It is hilarious. Also, if you can do a good Vincent Van Gogh or Leonardo Da Vinci impersonation… or any famous artist from history, and can record WAV or MP3 files, you can be on … Continue reading

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For your viewing pleasure, some tRump squishin’…

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A letter from William Shakespeare to Sam I Am… ( a repost of an oldie but a goodie)… now with a free bonus picture included!!!

Dear Sirrah, Still no appetite for thy heinous concoction doth my tongue construe to desire. Neither hither nor yon would’st such tinted and perhaps tainted fare present itself less foully to my palate. I dislike the notion of consuming such victuals even within mine own … Continue reading

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Where dat cat at now?… part 7…

Well, that does it, I am taking away the cat’s credit card.

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Where dat cat at now?… part 6…

I had no idea she was so active. Every time I see her, she is napping. I guess now I know why she is so tired all the time.

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So you elected an asshole: A survival guide… part 4…

Find a famous person to hang around with… preferably a British one… especially a funny British one. (Like, for example, Eric Idle of Monty Python fame)… I think you are a lot less likely to be hassled by… whatever Trump … Continue reading

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The other day, I went to the bank, and I saw one of those Google Maps cars… I walked all around it taking pictures with my phone from every angle. The guy got nervous and asked what I was doing… I … Continue reading

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Here’s an idea…

I think we should all go out to cheap costume stores and buy an assortment of inexpensive, spikey wigs in an assortment of colors… and then put them on the headrests of the seats of our cars… so from behind … Continue reading

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But, WordPress, dentists and polygamists just aren’t all that funny…

If you are like me… and you should thank your lucky stars if you aren’t… you frequently find yourself scrolling down the ‘humor’ topic-page-wall-thingy… whatever you call those places where WordPress sticks your posts due to which tags you use. I … Continue reading

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