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Suddenly that song makes sense!!!

A Who let the dogs out, a Who, Who, Who, Who…

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A letter from William Shakespeare to Sam I Am… ( a repost of an oldie but a goodie)… now with a free bonus picture included!!!

Dear Sirrah, Still no appetite for thy heinous concoction doth my tongue construe to desire. Neither hither nor yon would’st such tinted and perhaps tainted fare present itself less foully to my palate. I dislike the notion of consuming such victuals even within mine own … Continue reading

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Okay… sorry… I am just so proud of this tweet that I can’t wait and save it for my ‘twit wit’ series of posts…

Maybe there is a reason we are afraid to eat green eggs and ham… are you even a real doctor???

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This is a serious question…

… even though it is about Conan the barbarian and Dick Cheney and Doctor Seuss and Fred Flintstone and bad poetry and near death experiences and me… I need your help… sigh, yes, I see you raising your hand, Doctor Roseblatz… … Continue reading

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