Have you ever considered how great the word ‘hold’ is?

You can hold a person tight, or hold them at arm’s length. You can hold a conference, or hold an opinion, hold a conclave, hold a position, hold someone in high or low esteem, hold your horses, hold the phone, hold a bus, hold an election, hold on to a memory, hold on for dear life, hold your breath, hold your stomach in, hold hands, hold on a minute or a second, get put on hold, you can fill the hold of a ship, get a box to hold things in, hold a press conference, hold an office, hold it right there, hold your place in line or hold someone else’s, you can hold up up or hold out, hold in poker, put someone in a choke hold, the dikes and the dams damn well better hold, you can hold the key to the future or hold the fate of the world in your hands, but my personal favorite is to hold a baby.


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2 Responses to Have you ever considered how great the word ‘hold’ is?

  1. True! And I’ll hold that thought.

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