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The Podcast… part 2… (you don’t have to worry about this one if you aren’t listening to my new podcast… it isn’t even in order, just stuff from three or four posts I did about meeting Eric Idle)!!!

Our seats were one row back from the stage. I could see John Cleese’s nose hairs! I could almost touch the stage with my foot. Oh yeah, there is my blue wristband. That is going to come up later, so … Continue reading

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Why you should really listen to my podcast…

I now have 4 episodes of the podcast on air, and if you think this blog is a freak show, you haven’t seen anything until you’ve heard the podcast. Yeah, I talk about art, and about myself, but there is … Continue reading

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Now I can smell ground up bones and cow meat with big chucks of gristle and fat whenever I want to, and be reminded that I actually met Eric Idle…

Okay, sadly it doesn’t really smell like Spam. It is sort of vanilla-ish. It should say that on the packaging somewhere. But still… I did get to meat… uh… I mean meet him.

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Famous men… as famous women… part 10… tRump as Lucy and Ethel…

Oh, the pure, unadulterated… well, sort of, I mean, he is an adulterer… comedic genius of these two!!!

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Happy birthday to Mr. Eric Idle, whom I had the honor and pleasure of meeting once…

I’m just sayin’… That is not Photoshopped.

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Two completely unrelated stories from my life, done with alternating photos… because I have been busy… and it’s funny to do it this way…

That is a very drunk me. It was taken by my wife, at that Western-themed restaurant near Hollywood, when we drove up there the other day to see a comedy show. That is a very sober me, a selfie I … Continue reading

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Pancakes, the hooker with a tender, flaky, heart of gold… and man, is she stacked!!!

Okay, it is a terrible title for a post, and has almost nothing to do with what I have been up too… but it still cracks me up. Yesterday, my wife and I drove up to Los Angeles… very near … Continue reading

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