My Yosemite adventure… part 11… sunrise…


This is why I tend to get up super early on my adventures…

a 1

I got to watch the sun come up over Yosemite.

a 1 a

I took this first series of photos after driving partway back out of the park. (The first one is out of the correct order, but I liked it best).

a 2

The sun, just peeking over the cliffs beside Half Dome.

a 3

I drove up to this viewpoint multiple times over two days, once again benefiting from the park being empty of people due to the wildfires burning around it.

a 4

I wanted to see the same views at different times of the day.

a 5

And it was worth getting up obscenely early two days in a row.

a 6

This viewpoint is on one of the roads climbing the valley walls, leading into and out of the park. As you can see, the roads going East and Southeast were still not open. The fires were still burning there. This is as far as you can go now. But I wasn’t leaving yet.

a 7

You could smell the smoke, but the air was more clear the second days I was there.

a 8

Because the valley is so deep, the floor is still in shadow for a while after the sun begins to rise above the valley walls.

a 9

But this is the time of day when I got so close to the deer in an earlier post.

a 10

And when I saw that crazy bear for the second time, climbing down from that tree.

a 11

The park was even more empty of humans this early.

a 12

I felt like I was alone there.

a 14

It was awesome.

a 15

Okay, that one might have been taken as the sun set the night before. That is the downside of not posting all these in chronological order.

a 17

But either way.

a 18

This is the magic of Yosemite.

a 19

A very special place on this planet.

a 20

And one you should definitely visit, if you ever have the chance.



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