Two completely unrelated stories from my life, done with alternating photos… because I have been busy… and it’s funny to do it this way…

a 1

That is a very drunk me. It was taken by my wife, at that Western-themed restaurant near Hollywood, when we drove up there the other day to see a comedy show.

a 1 a

That is a very sober me, a selfie I took when my wife and I went to downtown San Diego yesterday to fulfill our civic responsibility and serve on juries.

a 2

That is the Largo, a comedy club in Los Angeles, where my wife and I went to see the comedy show.

a 2 a

That is my jury badge.

a 3

That is W. Kamau Bell, a comedian. We saw him and a few of his friends perform. He has a TV show on CNN called United Shades Of America. You should Google him.

a 3 a

That is a photo I took on my lunch break yesterday, when I went up to the top floor of the new courthouse building in San Diego.

a 4

That is me with W. Kamau Bell… he is very nice. He also now lives in Berkeley, in the Bay Area, not far from my mom’s house.

a 4 a

You guessed it, another picture from the top of the courthouse.

a 5

My wife is on the other side of Mr. Bell, but she doesn’t want to be in the blog… so I cropped her out. HA!

a 5 a

Random fact: I don’t like heights.

a 6

I got up super early… and a little hung over… the morning after the comedy show, to take some photos for you. That is downtown Los Angeles, before the sun rose.

a 6 a

That is an old sailing ship… the Star Of India… as the sun set in San Diego last night. I didn’t get picked for a jury, but my wife was still on the list, so I walked down to the waterfront.

a 7

Sunrise in L A…

a 7 a

Sunset in San Diego… not the same day…

a 8


a 8 a


a 9


a 9 a


Okay, I will finish up these two unrelated adventures later. I may or may not mix them together after this.

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