These are the very last pictures of our Christmas trip to the Bay Area…

a 1

I know, it seems like I have been sharing these sunset pictures forever… but I took a lot of them.

a 2

You might recall that the rest of my family was back in San Diego, and I was spending some quality time with my 95-year-old mother.

a 3

We drove up into the Berkeley hills, and it was one hell of a sunset.

a 4

I do have a few random pictures of the city, from various elevations.

a 5

With my new job, I don’t feel like I can ask for time off for a while.

a 6

So, I will be missing the Bay Area, and my mom. She likes to sit in the car and enjoy the sunset.

a 7

And who wouldn’t enjoy that view?

a 8

It was amazing.

a 9

Alcatraz Island and the Golden Gate.

a 10

San Francisco.

a 11

Man, I want to go back. My family is going up there this weekend, and I am stuck here working the swing shift.

a 12

Oh, and my mom won’t be there, she is going to Italy with two of my brothers.

a 13

Yeah, you heard me.

a 14

She is going with a choir group to sing in the Vatican.

a 15

Then, she and my brothers are going a few places, and ending up in Venice.

a 16

She is one tough old gal.

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2 Responses to These are the very last pictures of our Christmas trip to the Bay Area…

  1. List of X says:

    Oh, so you mom is going to Venice and the Vatican? I guess she’s probably thinking that compared to that another California sunset just isn’t worth getting out of the car for.

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