What do some photos of the San Francisco Bay have to do with my new job?

a 1

Well, mostly they are here because I still have some photos I took when I was there at Christmas, but there is a tie-in or two.

a 2

Firstly, there is the ever present irony of the fact that when you are working, you have more money for traveling… but not time to do it. Especially when you change a career path and start over with vacation time.

a 3

Also, I work the swing shift and don’t get off work until midnight… and some of these pictures are sunsets… and they also work the swing shift.

a 4

And, when I am at work, I sometimes think about the Bay Area.

a 5

My new uniform… without the gold badge, which makes me even more impressively handsome.

a 6

That is the view from the rear of the huge pharmaceutical research firm I help keep safe.

a 7

And see, it is foggy and sprinkling, which happens a lot in the Bay Area… but not nearly as much in San Diego.

a 8

Last night, when I took the two rainy foggy photos on my phone, was my first night at my new gig.

a 9

But I am assuming… when it isn’t foggy and drizzly… that there will be sunsets at work, too.


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6 Responses to What do some photos of the San Francisco Bay have to do with my new job?

  1. Trent Lewin says:

    Ok so uniform aside, what’s the new job actually?

  2. Best of luck with the new job, Art. And great sunset photos, too!

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