The Bay Area Christmas adventure… part 2…

a 1

More photos, in random order, of our Christmas in the Bay Area.

a 2

Two of my daughter’s best friends came and stayed with us at my mom’s house, between Christmas and the New Year.

a 3

We went out to dinner at a local pub with some of my friends from when I was younger than the girls are now. I hope they are still friends when they get to be my age.

a 4

You should keep a few friends that knew you before you even knew yourself.

a 5

That is my opinion.

a 6

So do stuff with your friends.

a 7

Keep that bridge open. Ha! See what I did there?

a 8

Okay, I promise that the next post in this series won’t be of the Golden Gate.

a 9

Or a Civil War fort under a bridge.

a 10

Or pictures of the city taken from the bridge.

a 11

But I do have a few of these left.

a 12

Look, the spot on my lens moved… what the heck?

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12 Responses to The Bay Area Christmas adventure… part 2…

  1. Trent Lewin says:

    I have returned! Momentarily anyway. Keep the photos coming. I’m surrounded by snow. It’s white, cold and treacherous. You know how it is.

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