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Snorkeling babies, conspiring balloons, fancy cakes, and sunsets…

Okay, that bay is not really snorkeling… although I could Photoshop him into the ocean and defy you to tell the difference. My wife, older daughter, and I babysat our friend’s twin boys last night. But I have a few … Continue reading

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The twins… and once again, they aren’t my kids… are getting big.

They are starting to crawl now. They are some busy little boys. And my little buddy Olivia is getting bigger too. She is in school now. And she is an awesome big sister.

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I don’t suck at blowing glass!!!… the final chapter… I mean, until my next two classes… (with gratuitous baby photos!)…

These are the last photos I took of my first two glass projects. Glass is awesome. You work it when it is the consistency of honey… molten-hot honey. But what other artistic medium can you look through and in to? … Continue reading

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Babysitting adventures… when you are outnumbered three to one…

Yesterday, I babysat the twin boys belonging to some friends of ours. Their older sister, Olivia, was there too. This is advanced babysitting. Do not trust an overpaid teenage girl to do this job. Not only do I have much … Continue reading

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And I get paid for this…

Okay, yeah, my rates are lower than teenage girls who babysit… but to be honest, sitting for my friend’s twin boys is actually a lot of work. The thing is… hey, we haven’t had a ‘thing’ for a while…  I … Continue reading

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Baby thigh butts…

No… that isn’t a baby butt. I wouldn’t show a baby butt on my family-friendly blog. But I might, if I was babysitting my friend’s little twin boys, not be able to resist taking a picture or two of their … Continue reading

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Babysitting… now with even more baby…

Yes, I am back at my underpaid but very rewarding babysitting gig, taking care of some friend’s little ones. I have to be underpaid to compete with those annoying teenage girls who think they are babysitters. Between my awesomely low … Continue reading

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