Don’t worry, I am not turning this into a hipster food blog… but we did go out for a nice meal the other day…

a 1

If you look past the large, scary man… (no, he isn’t scary, that’s our friend, Big Johnny, who has known my wife since high school, and me for a lot of years, and is called ‘Big’ because I am 6 feet 4 inches tall, and he makes me look regular sized)… you will see a doorway.

a 2

There is Big Johnny, with his wife, Eva, and his son, Willie, who also happens to be my godson. We ate at a Vegan restaurant, which I am amused to tell you was actually awesome.

a 3

Yeah, I’m not lost…

a 4

Anyway, this Kindred place had awesome food, and a skull theme.

a 5

I had a large adult beverage… with a spaceman in it…

a 6

Which led me to the men’s room, where you have to use a urinal while heavy metal music assaults you, and this guy watches you pee.

a 7

But, after passing the four-eyed, flower-haired, skull-topped, ram-horned devil on the way to the restroom, that felt like a relaxing place to be.

a 8

There I am, outside, doing the selfie thing, wearing my best dress-tie-dye. It was a cute little neighborhood not too far from downtown San Diego. I can’t tell you how many cute babies and little kids and dogs I met. But it was a lot.

a 9

So yeah, the food was awesome. I am not showing you photos of the food. This isn’t going to be a food blog.

a 10

And I will show you the huge alcohol-filled punch bowl that Eva got for us. Did I mention it was like ten in the morning? And I had to go to work later?

a 11

So, I got a little hammered.

a 12

Which might explain the selfie and this picture of a plane coming in to land.


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