Another big fire in San Diego, and… wait… I know those horses!!!

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I was watching the news last night as another big fire rips through San Diego County. This one is not too close to my house, but it is burning towards my wife’s Aunt and Uncle’s house up in Fallbrook. Yes, the house where Jessica and Jason got married earlier this year. You have seen tons of photos of that house.

Imagine my horror when I saw a bit of news footage featuring panicked horses running through smoke. And I knew instantly that these were the horses I often stop to pet when I go up to Fallbrook on my own.

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There is a picture from an old post of me saying hello to my friends. To be honest, while the picture up above that one is from the same ranch, a training facility that houses and trains more than 400 thoroughbred race horses, and I did get it from a local news website, those might not be the same horses you see me petting in this photo. I couldn’t find the picture of these horses that I saw on the news, and the resolution is not good enough to identify them for certain in that picture.

Most of the horses were rescued, but tragically, a dozen or so were lost in the fire.

So far, Sharon and Bert’s house is still standing.

The ranch was badly damaged. I will, in the future, let you know if I see my friends back in the front exercise yard, where they always seemed to be waiting for me.

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8 Responses to Another big fire in San Diego, and… wait… I know those horses!!!

  1. Miriam says:

    So very sad to hear.

  2. I’ve been keeping up with those fires, Art, so I you and the family are safe as of this post. I was also horrified to see those panicked horses fleeing the ranch. I’m glad most were able to get out, but 12 dead is still 12 innocent animals. What a nightmare! Yes, please keep us updated.

  3. That really sucks! I hope everyone and the horses are alright… really cool pic btw!

  4. I hope they did not suffer too much

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