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What is it? Well, let me tell you…

That, my friends, is just this… I mean, it is just this with a special digital filter effect. But what, I hear some of you saying, is this? Well, that is a photo I took of this… And that, for … Continue reading

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Wait… how many medias are being used in this one multimedia image exactly???

So, let’s see. Art in general is a media, right? And glass blowing, the manner in which I made this paperweight in the first place, is a specific sub-genre of art in general. Taking the super-close-up-macro-zoom photo, well, photography is … Continue reading

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Multi-media-tasking… part 1…

Okay, follow along with me on this multimedia journey. That right there is what happened when I took this image… And put it through a digital filter called: ’emboss’. The image is of this… Yes, it is the very first … Continue reading

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Don’t worry about what this is…

Just enjoy the pretty colors… That is how art works; you either like it, or you don’t… Coincidentally, that is also how Art works. HA!

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Taj Ma-huh??? part 9… now with more pictures per post!

This will go much faster if I do multiple pictures in each post. I mean, you should still look at all of them… and read all the words… Yes, these are all the same photo of the Taj Mahal… but … Continue reading

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Tell me your favorite city, and I will do some weird pictures of it, because this is an interactive blog…

I mean, this is always more fun when we play games together…  I am just riffing here, doing funny things to some of my favorite cities in Photoshop and some apps I like… going where the crack squirrels in my … Continue reading

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Making art of Art… part 15… or 14-b, to be specific…

See, it’s a drawing I did of a photo of me, blended with a famous painting that you might recognize. Now that, my friends, is multimedia.

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