I told you I was going to be all up in San Francisco’s business… district…

a 1

Ironically, as much as I do like the joke in the title, I wasn’t actually supposed to end up in the Embarcadero portion of San Francisco at all. The original plan was to meet up with my friends somewhere else, but they got delayed. I just got off the BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) near the water… which is easy in San Francisco… and started walking.

a 2

I have decided, with all the pictures I have of my adventure yesterday, that, for once, I am just going to do them in order. No doing special sets of posts based on things like art or architecture or dogs or birds or boats or whatever. I am not even going to save all the best pictures for one last super-awesome post.

a 3

Nope, I am going to post them in the same order in which I took them. So you can follow along with me on my adventure as it happened.

a 4

I like the juxtaposition of old and new… I mean, not as old as, say Rome or London, but still.

a 5

Looking back across the bay towards my mom’s house, you can see where the Oakland Bay bridge passes right through Treasure Island… where they filmed the Myth Busters TV series.

a 6

I can’t believe some seagull pooped on Gandhi’s head!

a 7

I know, not all of you will care about a lot of these pictures.

a 8

There is the iconic Transamerica building, peering shyly at us from behind some other buildings. Like the Eiffel  Tower in Paris, many locals did not take to the pyramid-shaped monstrosity at first. But it grew on them, and became beloved, and a symbol of the skyline of the city… even though it is now getting lost in taller buildings springing up around it.

a 9

Wait… what is that, behind that old ferry boat… is that a paddle wheel steamer? I guess you will have to come back later to find out.


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6 Responses to I told you I was going to be all up in San Francisco’s business… district…

  1. Simon says:

    I love the way all the different buildings mix up together and somehow work.

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