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Oh, and did I mention that I finished my latest novel?

Yes… the exciting one, about the princesses who lead a revolt against an evil empire… the one you can read most of, under the button in my top bar called: The Seven Kingdoms! Yes, the one I still need to … Continue reading

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I had a really good tiger day… part 5…

Oh, stop being so melodramatic, little orangutan, I know you aren’t a tiger. No, Olivia, I am not calling you a tiger either… I just started using the tiger thing as the title for this series of posts, and now … Continue reading

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We interrupt our regularly scheduled photos of tigers and other animals… and other weird stuff… in order to share the last few pictures I took of Mollie, my younger daughter, and her friends, just before their senior prom…

Yes, my daughter looks beautiful, and yes, her boyfriend is handsome. Don’t worry, I am not sharing all the pictures I took, just some of the best ones. Because that is what I do here, share my life, and my … Continue reading

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I had a really good tiger day… part 4…

Okay… yes… I know… once again, that isn’t exactly a tiger… but you must admit it is a good photo of a cute little bird. And the San Diego zoo has other animals besides tigers. And really, how many tiger … Continue reading

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