Water + color = watercolor…

a 1

Believe it or not, between all the other stuff I have been doing while visiting my mom in the Bay Area, I actually did some watercolor painting. That is a picture I started about 10 or 12 years ago, on a family trip to Morro Bay, on the coast of California. I was trying to get my mom to take up watercolor painting as a hobby. I know, it isn’t anything to rave about, but I like it.

You may recall that I have done other posts about this very painting…

a 2

There is what it looked like the last time I did a post about it. But then, I did a post about what I did with it… or to it…

a 3

I put it in Photoshop, and started working on it there. So now, I have two versions. The top picture in this post, which has become decidedly darker, and this one, which is much less gloomy. It just goes to show you that art is never truly finished.

a 4

As a side note, I got the watercolors out because I needed to make a sign. My mom, who is my biggest fan, sells a lot of my books, to church and choir friends, and whatnot. Admittedly, a lot of these people knew me when I was a kid, so they might be buying them out of guilt. The thing is… hey, another thing!… that my mom is in her nineties, and so are most of her friends… so…

a 5

Sometimes they forget to pay… or my mom forgets to get the money… and my mom is having a big party this weekend, with 60 people. Hey, I can’t afford to give the books away. I have to pay for them too. They don’t give them to me for free. And I only make a few dollars from each copy I sell. This is the downside of self-publishing.


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2 Responses to Water + color = watercolor…

  1. List of X says:

    I actually recognized Morro Bay in the picture, even though I only saw it from the car window while driving past it.

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