Okay, so there I was in San Francisco…

a 1

I was admiring the giant model of Alcatraz island and its famous prison, and I noticed that big canon you can see in the background above. Now, I am an amateur military historian by nature, and I knew what it was… but that isn’t the thing that struck me as funny.

a 2

I knew this was a Civil War-era gun, and that it had likely been brought over either from Alcatraz Island, which was a Union Fort back in those days, or from Fort Point, which is located underneath the Golden Gate Bridge, believe it or not. No, the thing that struck me as funny is where the gun is pointing…

a 3

I’m sure you guessed what’s coming. That gun is aimed right across the bay… at the hills just North of Berkeley… where my mom’s house is… which is where I was coming from. I think San Francisco has declared war on the East side of the bay.

a 4

I decided to ignore this blatantly hostile and provocative gesture, and resume my wandering.

a 5

But not before taking one last look at that model… because the detailing was phenomenal.

a 6

One more gratuitous shot of Coit Tower, as I made my way along the bay.

a 7

And I had to stop and take a few pictures of the boats.

a 8

I love boats. Behind all those masts, you can almost make out the actual Island of Alcatraz.

a 9

And then my friend, Big Johnny, picked me up, and we were driving to his house to pick up his wife… and his kid… who happens to be my godson.


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