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Famous men… as famous women… part 15… John Wayne as Cleopatra…

Hey, don’t blame me… I have crack squirrels living in my head, remember?

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Okay… I’m done now… I swear…

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WordPress… back slowly away from the changing stuff all the time…

Or I swear, I will blow that keyboard to smithereens…

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You know who could have fought ISIS and Ebola at the same time?

Yeah… that’s right… the Duke… John Wayne… I don’t know how much good he would have been against global climate change… his politics were sort of screwed up… but still, it would be nice to have him around now.

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Here is an old post that I never stop laughing at…

Sorry, I have a thing to do today, so you get a recycled post… but a really good recycled post… It was called: What if… ******************************* What if horses had become extinct sometime in the past? What would John Wayne … Continue reading

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Why yes, it is possible to drive on Maui in a monster-vomit-green convertible Mustang and not look happy about it, thank you very much for asking!

Okay, I admit the lack-of-smile only lasted for a few minutes… I mean, I was on my second honeymoon… on Maui… It was just the shock of leaving that beautiful, green jungle and being back in civilization again… So we left the … Continue reading

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How Photoshop keeps my head from exploding… Part 6…

Sometimes, I just need to let the silliness out of my head… I get these weird ideas… like what if the horse had become extinct and cowboys rode some other kind of animal instead… Now most people would just let … Continue reading

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