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Well… I had to reblog this, didn’t I???

Hey there folks. Welcome to another installment of the Author Interview Series. Today I have a very talented and funny guy who I would like to introduce to you all, along with his madcap antics, writerly wisdom and anything else … Continue reading

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Interview with a Doobster…

Okay, it isn’t really an interview, but I am busy this weekend… editing a book, my daughter’s Homecoming dance, some other stuff… so I will ask the Doobster some questions here, and he can answer in the comment section below. … Continue reading

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The last Inner View… Part 2.

Here they are, from another dimension… sitting in my living room… Arthur’s Avengers! I am the first human in this reality to meet actual aliens, let alone have a chance to interview them. I guess I should start out by … Continue reading

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Inner View… with some aliens…

Oh wow… I can’t believe this… I am sitting in my living room with three actual aliens! Yesterday, when I asked the other me from the other dimension… you know, the one who is the hero in those novels I … Continue reading

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Inner View… the last one… well, the last one where I interview a human being from this dimension…

Our last Inner View interview for this series… sort of… is with my friend TJ Lubrano. She has an awesome blog:  http://tjlubrano.com/blog-2/ and a Facebook thing: https://www.facebook.com/tjlubranosillustrations She lives in Holland, and she is an artist. Her drawings are awesome. I haven’t … Continue reading

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Inner View… #12

Our next contestant on this strange interview journey is a brand new friend, and I know absolutely nothing about her blog: http://chowanyau.wordpress.com/  But from her interview, I know she is funny and a little mysterious. And even though she is … Continue reading

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Inner View… #11

Here is the interview from a good friend of mine. She sort of switched blogs, and now you can find her at: http://feelingpaint.wordpress.com/ She does awesome paintings… and gives them away free. Some of you may know her from the other blog, … Continue reading

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