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Interview with a Doobster…

Okay, it isn’t really an interview, but I am busy this weekend… editing a book, my daughter’s Homecoming dance, some other stuff… so I will ask the Doobster some questions here, and he can answer in the comment section below. … Continue reading

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And now, I would like to award the Doobster award to… uh… Doobster418… because out of all the Doobsters, he is way better than those other 417…

Here is the Doobster Award… an award that I just made up… to give to Doobster418… for phenomenal blogging, exceptional commenting, and… uh… making Twinkies taste extra good… But the thing is… what, you knew there was going to be … Continue reading

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Why I have declared today to be International Doobster418 Day…

By now, most of you are aware of that post we are working on here… the one that has 32,640 comments.. we are still raising that number every day and I recently sent the information into the Guinness Book Of World Records … Continue reading

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What the hell is a Doobster418, and why do we need a day declared in honor of it, I can almost hear you asking yourself…???

Well, just simmer down… I will explain it all to you… Why are you questioning me anyway? Do I come to your blog and question you?

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Today is Doobster Day… no… not just any doobster day… Doobster418 Day!!!

You might have no idea what that means. I will do some more posts to enlighten you.

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