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Rick Grimes is not dead!!!

You either know what that means or you don’t. You know, like saying: ‘winter is coming’. But there is going to be some interesting things happening with spin-offs in the walking dead universe.

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My Yosemite adventure… part 14… the final chapter…

In a way, that photo of the entire Yosemite valley does capture the scale of the granite cliffs that surround it. Trees that are more than a hundred-feet-tall look like grass under the escarpments. Reflections in a still river. The … Continue reading

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The Grateful Walking Dead…

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Comic Con… wait… is that Tony Stark???

Did you see the actual Robert Downey Jr.??? No… calm down… it’s just a rubber head. And this isn’t the real Iron Man. It isn’t even a real person in a really good Iron Man costume. There, you can see … Continue reading

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Comic Con… let’s get this party started…

Okay, I got my badge… let’s do this! Yay! I’m actually here! And what could possibly go wrong… Did somebody just say “Exterminate!”??? Phew… I got away from that annoying Dalek… I feel safer now… Stupid zombies… always sneaking up … Continue reading

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So you elected an asshole: A survival guide… part 5…

Okay, I may not have thought this one through. I was going to suggest that you bio-engineer a virus that will kick off a zombie apocalypse, on the theory that the survivors would end up living in a Trump-free world. … Continue reading

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Every freekin’ Photoshop I ever did of Trump, because I am that pissed off… part 52…

Democracy does seem to smell a little like rotting meat now…

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The party… the final chapter… in which I meet a flying dog and was accidentally a racist…

That’s me. I’m drunk. I am also waiting for a slice of pizza. It’s late at night, and the night still isn’t over. That’s Big Johnny, the person who was responsible for me being there… both at that pizza place … Continue reading

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That’s what locker room talk sound like? No wonder I never go into those places… (Or): What goes on in my head when I am alone in a car on a long drive: The crack squirrel chronicles… part 4…

Whatever kind of room you find yourself in, guys, if another guy comes up to you and starts talking like that, tell him to shut up… or words to that effect. In fact, if you want to punch him in … Continue reading

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Dear ‘sane’ members of the republican party,… yes… both of you…

Hey, we feel your pain, believe me. We realize that your party has been hijacked by idiots, mouth breathers, mutant pig-boys, the mentally ill and the terminally-short-on-morals racist riffraff that started gravitating towards you when Sarah Palin made her entrance… … Continue reading

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