My Yosemite adventure… part 14… the final chapter…

a 1

In a way, that photo of the entire Yosemite valley does capture the scale of the granite cliffs that surround it. Trees that are more than a hundred-feet-tall look like grass under the escarpments.

a 2

Reflections in a still river.

a 3

The sunset… or maybe that was the sunrise. I don’t remember. I’m not sure it matters.

a 4

I know, I posted a lot of pictures. A lot of pictures of the same things. But that was what made this adventure so special.

a 5

The fires burning all around the park had shut it down. I just happened to decide to drive there, on a whim. I didn’t know I was going to be almost alone there.

a 6

I didn’t know that I would be able to drive to any place in the park and actually find a parking place. I didn’t know that I could walk the meadows and forest trails and not run into a living soul.

a 7

It was a once in a lifetime deal… you know… until the zombie apocalypse wipes all of you out. Then I might go there again.

a 8

I’m just kidding. Obviously when the zombies come, I will save all of you and bring you with me.

a 9

But it would be a great place to live out the zombie infestation. The bears can help us kill off the zombies. And there is lots of fresh water.

a 10

And high ground to retreat to, if there are too many zombies. Zombies are not good climbers.

a 11

And Yosemite isn’t near any cities. How far are zombies going to walk looking for brains?

a 12

The only hard part will be wiping out the millions of tourist-zombies that are already there, so be prepared for that.

a 13

Alright, enough about zombies.

a 14

I hope you enjoyed this. I hope you learned a little about Yosemite.

a 15

I hope you saw how the light, at different times of the day, plays on the granite monoliths and the rivers and the waterfalls, making Yosemite a constantly changing experience.

a 16

Most of all, I hope it made you want to go there, if you haven’t ever been, or to go again if you have.

a 17

I do know that I will never again be there when the park was so empty.

a 18

As I drove back to the Bay Area, I took a shot from outside the park. You can see the smoke from the fires that still burned all through Northern California. I’m glad that this time, they didn’t burn down into the park itself.

a 19

I saw a cool old house.

a 20

And what is, supposedly, the oldest bar in California.

a 21

And I saw an awesome car.

a 22

I’m not really a ‘car guy’, but I would love to drive that car.

a 23

Okay. Goodbye, for now, Yosemite.

a 25

Maybe I will come and visit you during the winter. I have still never seen you covered in snow.

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11 Responses to My Yosemite adventure… part 14… the final chapter…

  1. GJ Stevens says:

    Amazing pics!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. List of X says:

    Are you absolutely sure bears won’t become zombies? Because a zombie grizzly bear would probably be worse than 10-20 regular human zombies – it is much stronger, harder to kill, has claws, and can use its sense of smell to hunt.

  3. SD Gates says:

    Beautiful photos. We live down the road from Yosemite. That’s actually where we plan to go when the Zombie Apocalypse happens, that or King’s Canyon. Pack the dogs and the food up, and head into the mountains!!!

  4. Wow! You’ve produced an incredible series of photos of one of the world’s most extraordinary natural wonders, Art! I enjoyed vicariously traveling there with you. That is definitely one place I absolutely HAVE to visit in this lifetime. In fact, if I visit, get lost and somehow die in that park, that would just fine. Thanks again, brother!

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