Let’s make a cover for my new novel; a step-by-step blog series, and I want your input!… part 13…

a 1

Okay, technically, this shouldn’t be part of this blog series. This is the map I am going to stick in the front of the novel, between the copyright and dedication page, and chapter 1. You might notice that I used the same font that I used on the cover. I have no idea how good this will look in the book. I just like the idea.

a 2

It is based on that sketch I did when I was visiting my mom in the Bay Area and was right in the middle of getting the book going. I did a quick pencil drawing. Then, as happens with me, I got carried away, and did some watercolor painting and colored pencil work on it. It was really just to give me a visual reminder of where things were in relation to each other.

The editing of the novel is done. I am compiling it into one document and sending it to my daughter Jessica in New York, who will format it and send it to the publisher. As soon as I know how many pages it will turn out to be, I can download a cover template, and put the finished… soon, I hope… cover on there. Then, I can order a copy, and wait to see how it all came together.

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