Let’s make a cover for my new novel; a step-by-step blog series, and I want your input!… part 9…

c 7


Okay, I think people are getting bored with helping me make a book cover for my new novel. I gave you too many choices to choose from.

c 7 copy


But I did get some valuable feedback… at first. I am going to narrow down the background choices. I had ten photos I took of the Northern California coast. I put our princess in the foreground on each… and flipped the background over, thereby doubling the number of options.

c 8


But did you notice that I removed a lot of the bushes from the foreground image, and now we have a better field for the text?

c 8 copy


Did anybody notice the car on the road over to the far left? I just wondered. Even though, because we are doing a cover that wraps around the back of the book, and the car would be on the back cover, it isn’t going to work.

I am, because I am stubborn, going to do the mock-ups of the last two… or really, four… background options, with the new, less cluttered foreground. Then if I don’t here some more from you about which you like best, I am going to pick just a few backgrounds that  I like best, or that you liked best, and we can focus on those.

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4 Responses to Let’s make a cover for my new novel; a step-by-step blog series, and I want your input!… part 9…

  1. Instead of having a clear picture of Mollie in military regalia, why don’t you place a nondescript female figure overlooking the cliff? The reader would be looking at her from the back; not really in silhouette, but something of a semi-profile. She could be holding her head high, as if garnering strength from the sea.

    Regardless of what you do, Art, good luck with the project!

  2. I like 8-A, yep, I see the car

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