Republicans did what now???


The republicans have certainly been busy doing stuff… I mean, not good stuff, but stuff, nonetheless. So far, since tRump took office, they have managed to make it easier for corporations to pollute the world without any oversight, and make sure that crazy people can get guns whenever they want to. They have made it harder for poor people to vote, and turned racism into an integral part of our immigration policy… almost.

I guess what amazed me the most is the pure, blatant hypocrisy. When the leaks were coming out of Russia about Hillary’s emails, they were saying: who cares where the leaks came from, look what the leaks are saying. Now, it’s all like: who care what the leaks about our ties with Russia are saying, we need to be worried about who is leaking this stuff.

And all this while packing the city of Washington DC with so many corrupt asshats that they make it look like a swamp that formed inside a cesspool inside a toxic waste dump.

I can’t list every vile, disgusting thing they have done… or tried to do. But this does make me long for the days when Dick Cheney was the most reprehensible man I could ever imagine being put in charge of anything. Now, I doubt he is even evil enough to be considered for a cabinet position.

I am, on a happier note, glad that I came up with a good use for that photo of a monkey looking shocked that I took when Olivia and I were at the San Diego zoo.


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10 Responses to Republicans did what now???

  1. joehoover says:

    Art! I have been absent so long I have missed your take on the bizarre world this has turned into. It’s completely nuts here in the UK with half the country rooting for our Prime Minister cosying up to Trump as ‘we need to build a deal with a large trading partner’ after we have just set fire to our largest trading partner the EU. Everyone has collectively lost the plot. Even the poorest in the country have just put all their eggs in a Conservative shaped basket – and they don’t like sharing their eggs to the poor. I went to check out houses in rural France to escape this mess before it’s too late but with Le Pen hovering around that won’t be such a great move either. Any of those aliens in your books fancy beaming us up to their planet?

  2. Elyse says:

    Sad to long for Bush and Cheney, isn’t it.

  3. List of X says:

    Even I couldn’t list all the bad things they do, because they often do more than 10 at once.

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