Against all enemies, both foreign and domestic…

I am going to make one more attempt to tell you how close we are to becoming a totalitarian state with a dictator as our leader. Because I don’t think most people really see the threat looming over us. But it is very real.

When the hardcore members of the republican party talk about enemies of the domestic variety, yes, they do mean terrorists and subversives and traitors, oh my, but the thing you must realize is that their definition of an ‘enemy of the state’ might not be the same as yours.

They don’t always see homegrown militias, paramilitary groups, and armed radical organizations as the enemy. That is because a lot of these people voted them into office. And I don’t just mean those guys who dress up in camouflage on weekends and go out shooting at stuff. This now includes groups as radical as the KKK.

Somehow, these people who are so concerned with keeping America strong, have come to view liberals as the true enemy. They think we are weakening the country. Anyone who wants to take money away from the military and spend it on poor people are traitors.

Women who want the right to choose what they do with their own bodies are more of a threat than those armed ranchers who took over a highway and a state park… carrying guns.

Native Americans protesting an oil corporation desecrating their sacred land are more of a threat than the freekin’ KKK.

People who want to provide healthcare for those that do not have any are a bigger threat than Vladimir Putin.

Bear in mind that many of these people believe the fake news on the internet. And if you look into that stuff, it is pretty scary. There are now viral videos going around, portrayed as actual news stories, saying that the liberals are planning not only violent protests during the inauguration ceremony, but perhaps an actual terrorist attack of some sort… and that liberals are planning a massed, armed uprising in the months ahead.

This is sort of ironic, because I have to admit I had some of the same ideas about the republicans when Obama was elected. I am surprised that not one of those idiots living in a bunker somewhere, worrying that the ‘gov’min’t’ was coming to take away his guns, didn’t take a shot at Obama during all that time. Maybe they were busy working at one of the millions of jobs he created, or getting their teeth fixed with their new health coverage.

All I am saying is that, if you are a liberal, and you stand up to the new administration in any way, that one of tRump’s own advisers admitted during an actual news interview that they are keeping lists of everyone who opposes them… or disagrees with them.

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