An open letter to anyone who would vote for a child molester…

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I thought we had a social contract on this issue. I thought it was the one thing we all agreed upon. Child molesters are bad. Okay, I also thought we had agreed on the fact that Nazis are bad, and it turned out that I jumped the gun on that one. But child molesters? Really? You would rather vote for a child molester than a democrat, or at the very least finding someone else to replace him with?

Also, just to be clear, I want to go on record as saying that anyone who engages in sexual harassment is bad… but, that being said, surely, child molesting falls within a special category.

And, for god’s sake… pun intended… stop using the bible as a reference point. When you get to the point where you are using biblical scripture to condone child molesting, you are treading on dangerous ground. In the first place, yes, women began giving birth at a much younger age two thousand years ago. That is because the average lifespan was so much shorter. It doesn’t apply to modern life. And using the Mary and Joseph story as an argument for child molesting is just weird. All that does is remind us doubters that your god supposedly molested Mary when she was a child.

Finally, about Mr. Moore. He wasn’t just any creepy guy who cruised the malls looking for teenage victims. He was the freekin’ District Attorney.  A man in charge of upholding the laws he was breaking. I wonder how many child molestation cases he was in charge of.

But if you are voting for this guy, I hope that someday, your young, female relatives will be able to convince you to feel shame over this.

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3 Responses to An open letter to anyone who would vote for a child molester…

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  2. People across the country are realizing more and more that American politics has gone from a blood sport (which is bad enough) to a sludge fest. The more dirt a candidate can dig up on an opponent to improve their own public reputation gives some a sense of power and near-perfection. But it prevents a number of qualified individuals from seeking public office. Who’d want to subject themselves and their families to such ridicule? That’s how we end up with people like Roy Moore and Donald Trump. A number of people in Alabama have already said they don’t like either Senate candidate and therefore, don’t plan to vote. That’s always a bad thing. It’s no way to run a democracy.

    We really have to take the politics out of public service and reinsert the humanity of it. What’s happening now just isn’t working.

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