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What did you do at work today, daddy? (or): What do republican politicians tell their kids?

Seriously… I want to know. How do republicans go home at night and talk to their children? Do they just came out and say: “Well, I made it legal for people to shoot baby bears and dump toxic coal mine … Continue reading

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Let’s meet Trump’s campaign staff… part 7…

Trump has a very large contingent on his campaign staff dedicated to the issue of gun safety… by which, of course, I mean keeping guns safe… in the hands of of Trump supporters… away from the prying fingers of the … Continue reading

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I’ve been thinking a lot about gun control lately…

But I don’t actually own a gun… and I have never, so far as I can recall… shot anybody…

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Bad god!!!

The next time you are speaking to your god… whatever you choose to call him/her/it… ask them if they really want you to kill people instead of help them. If the answer is yes, tell your god you quit… you … Continue reading

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Rest In Piece…

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I wasn’t going to talk about guns… until I heard the ‘Executive Director’ of ‘Gun Owners Of America’ say this…

This morning, on the news, a Mr. Pratt, the executive director of a group called ‘The Gun Owners of America’ was shown a chart detailing the surprisingly small number of gun deaths per million people in a recent year in a … Continue reading

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I just have time to post the funny Eric Idle picture for the day… before the power company shuts my power off for ten hours…

Don’t get all bent out of shape… here is the original from a Monty Python skit… I just tweaked it a little bit.

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