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A closer look… part 4…

I am still playing around with those macro zoom lens spacer things my son-in-law loaned me. That is the top of a plastic drink cooler. But what if I play with the brightness and contrast in Photoshop? I don’t know … Continue reading

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The thing is…

… that there is always a thing. Life is things, and things are life. I mean, when you get right down to it, everything is a thing, so every thing is a thing. Well, we aren’t supposed to call living … Continue reading

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Why you should follow this blog… part 3… (or); I will show you my thing!

No… not like that… simmer down… this is a family-friendly blog… more or less. See, the thing is… (and this is exactly the kind of ‘thing’ I am talking about)… that I have this ‘thing’ where I say; “the thing … Continue reading

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A few things about a few things…

I have been doing a thing for the last two weeks, a thing I am not supposed to tell you about before or during the thing… not one of those ‘so the thing is’ things that always creep into my posts… … Continue reading

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