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Oh yeah… the crack squirrels are back in charge…

Those crazy creatures living inside my head have been getting bored, what with this place being turned into a travel blog for so long. And you know when they get bored, they start chewing on the wiring up there… so … Continue reading

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Weird things I do to entertain myself… because I’m weird… part 2…

Why yes, I do indeed drive around with an ostrich puppet in my car… When I’m stuck in bad traffic or at a stop light, I use it to amuse people in the cars around me… especially little kids… Sometimes … Continue reading

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Oh no… not more boring pictures of yet another trip to the Bay Area!!!

Hey… whatever man. It’s my blog, and if I want to use it as a handy off-site storage unit for my photos, then dang it, that’s what I am gonna do! As much as I love my trips to see … Continue reading

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