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Some random sunset photos, while I begin to organize the pictures I am going to use for the cover of my new novel… part 1…

So, I am narrowing down my choice of which picture of my daughter, from the photos I took way back when, to use for the artwork for the cover of my newest novel, which is almost done being edited, and … Continue reading

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Yup, my camera now has a ‘spot’ that shows up on every photo… dang it…

And, of course, it first showed up in all those photos I took on that two-day trip I went on with my younger daughter, Mollie, to see snow and mega-blooms of flowers. It isn’t on the lenses… it appears when … Continue reading

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See if you can spot the ‘annoying technical glitch’ issue with my camera in all these beautiful shots of Southern California… a game… sort of… (answer tomorrow)…

It is in each and every one of these photos. It is easier to spot in some of them… (that was an extra hint, by the way). I noticed it when I first started to post the pictures I took … Continue reading

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Lights, camera, action; fun with ‘wiggly photography’… part 3… the final chapter?

No, this won’t be the final chapter. These are just the last of the photos I have already taken, using my new low-light-long-shutter-opening-wiggling-the-camera-around-like-a-maniac-and-trying-to-make-art-technique. These are photos I took from the mountain overlooking the San Francisco Bay. You can see the … Continue reading

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I give you: the finger… wait… that sounds wrong…

The thing is… Hey, thing, it is good to have you back… I am still playing around with macro super-close-up photography. As per the suggestion of my son-in-law, who loaned me the three macro lens spacer thingies that I have … Continue reading

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A closer look… part 6…

More macro photography, but this time, I am not telling you what they are. Most of them will be fairly obvious, I suppose. But we can still make a game of this. Or not. Whatever makes you happy. But I … Continue reading

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The ZOOm chronicles… part 7…

The maned wolf… and not a bad picture, considering it was taken through a chain link fence. Chain link fences seem to confuse my camera now and then, especially with the zoom lens on. Sometimes it wants to focus only … Continue reading

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