Lights, camera, action; fun with ‘wiggly photography’… part 3… the final chapter?

a 1

No, this won’t be the final chapter. These are just the last of the photos I have already taken, using my new low-light-long-shutter-opening-wiggling-the-camera-around-like-a-maniac-and-trying-to-make-art-technique.

a 2

These are photos I took from the mountain overlooking the San Francisco Bay.

a 3

You can see the city of Oakland in that one… not enough wiggling.

a 4

I am still trying to decide if it is better with the regular lens or the zoom, and the best distance from the light I should be, and how dark is the optimal level of darkness.

a 5

I like this because you never know what you are going to get.

a 6

But it is guaranteed to be interesting.

a 7

So every now and then, when I am back in San Diego, I will try doing this again.

a 8

And I will only try to show you the best ones, not the ones where I am still learning how to do it.

a 9

Maybe there is even some fun digital effects to use on these to make them even better… hmmmmm…

a 10

I do have other things to share.

a 11

But I have to drive back to San Diego tomorrow.

a 12

So we will see what happens.

a 13

a 14

a 15

a 16

a 17

a 18

I sort of like that you can see the bay reflecting the sunset in that one.

Okay, see you soon!

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