Things that can go horribly wrong when you take photos… part 11…


We have talked about focus, and about what happens when your camera is moving too fast to take a good picture… like when you are in a car… but now, let’s talk about motion blur. That is when you are trying to take a picture of something that is moving… like a baby… when you are bouncing him on the couch.


Even a small amount of motion can cause the blur. You can use this to take some awesome pictures. If you take a photo of a person running in front of something, like trees, for example, and you keep the camera still, the person will be blurred, but not the trees. I mean, this can also depend on how you focus the camera too, but you see what I mean. If, however, you move the camera to follow the running person, then the person will be in focus but the background will be blurry.

I suggest you practice these techniques… but maybe not on a baby that is bouncing up and down towards and away from the camera… because in that case, your camera has no idea what you are trying do.

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4 Responses to Things that can go horribly wrong when you take photos… part 11…

  1. Could one not increase ones shutter speed? Or decrease it…or whatever term is used to denote the shutter shutting pretty damn sharpish like?

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