An open letter to those who think the insurrectionists are being given a raw deal, and should be sent home with all charges dropped, or claim that the riot was just an enthusiastic ‘tour group’…

Dear hypocritical democracy-destroying pinheads,

First of all, you know damn well that if these were democrats, doing this in support of Biden, while tRump was in office, you would be calling for the death penalty.

If you were at work, and these people showed up, assaulted your security guards, broke into your office, stole your desk, crapped on the floor, and terrorized the employees, while you hid in a closet or ran screaming from the back door, you would want them prosecuted.

No, I will go farther than that. If these were Black Lives Matter supporters, you would show up there with guns and at least think about taking the law into your own hands.


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