A recommendation about an author from Arthur, who is also an author…

I don’t do this kind of thing often, but I have been listening to books by this guy on Librivox, a free audio book app.

I am officially recommending G. A. Henty, 1832-1902. Yeah, this guy…

He was an English author and war correspondent. He wrote a ton of books, and basically invented the young adult adventure novel. Not only that, but his adventure stories cover a lot of ground, from ancient Egypt and Carthage, to Roman-era Britton, the first British invasion of Afghanistan, our Revolution and our Civil war and just about every war between. He combines actual history with fiction to craft really great stories about young people swept up in conflict. The books have a very modern feel, even though he was writing in the 1800’s.

That is my good deed for the day.


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