An audiobook review…

No, not a review, an out-and-out recommendation!!! This four book series by Philip Reeve is awesome. If you like dystopian future post-apocalyptical sci-fi with giant, mobile tracked cities hunting smaller cities on the dried-up sea beds so they can eat them to recycle their materials, this is for you. War, adventures, love and lust, killer battle cyborgs, gas airships, and a steam punk vibe And the ending is right up there with the Lord Of The Rings series, and I do not say that lightly.

I guess they made or are making a movie, of some or all of the series.

But it isn’t just the books, with their great mix of romance and action. The Englishman who reads them aloud to us, one Barnaby Edwards, is the best story reader ever. His voice is clear and compelling. And he seamlessly moves from character to character, giving each a unique accent or rhythm or something, so you recognize who is speaking. This is not an easy skill. You never felt awkward when he read female characters.

So there you go.


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