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Opinions are not the same thing as facts… (or); Some things are true, and some things aren’t… a guide to some common misconceptions… part 5…

Global warming is a fact. Once again, feel free to have a differing opinion… but you are wrong. Our first mistake was calling it ‘global warming’ instead of the more accurate ‘climate change’. This allows people to go outside, see … Continue reading

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Droning on… part 7…

This is almost the last video I took on that first magical morning two years ago at Christmas, outside my mom’s house in the Bay Are where I grew up, when I first had the ability to send a camera … Continue reading

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Flowers, birds, and stuff… part 3…

More flowers. More birds. When will the madness end??? I shot all these photos within yards of one another. In one yard. So, in one yard within a few yards… uh… so to speak. And I did it all within … Continue reading

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