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New York City… day 2… part 2… man, we put a lot of energy into coming up with ways to kill each other… and some fancy butts…

It is amazing, the time and effort and technology we have utilized in the search for more efficient ways to do each other in. Most ancient weapons and sets of armor that still survive belonged to rich people. They had … Continue reading

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Real history; it makes Game Of Thrones look like a boring birthday party for a three-year-old…

Don’t get me wrong. I love that show. Yes, the Red Wedding was gruesome and shocking. Do you have any idea how many millions of people were murdered in World War Two? Dragons raining fire and death from the sky. … Continue reading

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Comic Con… because… wait, Comic Con has aircraft carriers???

No, those are not people wearing aircraft carrier costumes, those are real carriers… San Diego has a big Naval presence… at Comic Con, I saw a lot of navels. I walked around the outside of the convention center, to show … Continue reading

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Comic Con… because… wait… what the heck is that guy in the middle of the picture holding???

Yes, the one by the steam-punk guy… I don’t think that is an inflatable sword… also, notice the pink Darth Vader helmet over at the lower right. Seriously, nobody does photo-ops better than Comic Con. I made my way around … Continue reading

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Comic Con, because where else are you going to see a Spartan doing… whatever he is doing… with two gnomes???

I don’t know what’s in that helmet… but I really wish I did… And then there is this guy… and the girl behind him… but that isn’t the funny part… My next picture caught the girl over to the right … Continue reading

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I’m going away… part 2…

Don’t panic, I won’t be gone long…

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I want to knight Donald Trump… I might go a little heavy on the sword tap…

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