To bee or not to bee: more micro-photography fun…

a 1

That little spike at the left, dear readers, is a bee stinger. I decided to play with my digital microscope. I might be able to get some wet web images with it when my younger daughter comes home later today from the camp for special needs kids that she works at when she isn’t going to college to learn to be a nurse. I need her help to click the camera button while I try to steady the microscope.

a 2

That is a bee’s eye. While I was figuring out that I needed help, I spotted a dead bee.

a 3

Why let a dead bee go to waste?

a 4

We can give her death meaning by learning about bees.

a 5

I don’t know what we are learning exactly, other than the fact that the bee was covered with dirt.

a 6

Also that things are weird and strange when looked at too closely.

a 7

But we already knew that, right?

a 8

When you zoom out a little, and make things a little less huge, they are more recognizable. That is the eye again, but you can’t see the facets.

a 9

There is the stinger again.

a 10


a 11

She’s got legs, and she knew how to use them… to pollinate plants.

a 12


a 13

The bee’s knees. Ha! I crack me up.

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