More experiments with ‘wet web photography’…

a 1

I was out in the yard this morning, annoying my spider relatives again, using my mist spraying bottle to put fake dew on their little homes.

a 2

This time, I played with an array of options, using all three macro lenses, with the regular lens and the zoom lens.

a 3

I will be honest. I can’t tell from looking at these which I took with which combination.

a 4

I did crop a few of these a little. Macro photography seems to want to focus only on one distance.

a 5

Or it has a narrow field of focus, if that is what that means. Notice the annoyed spider in the right corner… not in focus.

a 6

I was hoping to get some really big water drops, with sparkles of light from the sun. Little balls of rainbow.

a 7

What I got were some marginally interesting pictures of moist webs.

a 8

But, it is in experimenting that you sometimes find something new.

a 9

Not that I found anything new today.

a 10

I suppose I could have cropped down the pictures more.

a 11

Like way down to a small group of drops.

a 12

Oooooh… I wonder if I can use my digital microscope camera on a wet web. How would I do that???

a 13

I will mull that idea over. Notice the little bug in the center of that photo. Funnel webs are not only a home, but a hunting ground, a food source, a trap skillfully and cunningly planned and constructed. The front lawn of doom! The devil’s doorstep!

a 14

I mean, when humans were still mostly hunter gatherers, how many times do you think a guy just sat in the mouth of his cave and waited until a mammoth walked by into spear range?

a 15

Anyway, now I am thinking about my microscope, and I think I will play with it.

a 16

So I should have some more photos soon. Bye.

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