Faulty white people perception… (or); Black coffees matter…

Now, don’t get mad until you read the whole thing! I am in no way trivializing the cause of ‘Black Lives Matter’! I am a huge supporter of that. I just couldn’t help noticing that there was a small segment of white America… no, not the racists… that seemed genuinely more shocked by the African American men being handcuffed and escorted out of a Starbucks than they are when the news shows police officers shooting unarmed African American men.

I have a theory about why this might be. It is because your average white American doesn’t have that many face-to-face dealing with the police, and when they do, it is usually a polite affair. Even when getting a traffic ticket, most white people don’t feel that they are in any danger. They might even feel safe enough to give the cop a little attitude. Either that, or they just accept the ticket with no complaint, knowing full well they did what the ticket accuse them of.

That is because your average cop approaches the average white citizen in a manner that is not at all the same as the way they approach African American males.

In fairness to white people, the idea of worrying that a nervous cop might shoot you during a routine interaction doesn’t occur to most white people because it isn’t in their experience. Most white people haven’t been frisked or held at gunpoint. On the other hand, most white people have been to Starbucks, probably many times.

I am not making excuses for white people. I am just making an observation.

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10 Responses to Faulty white people perception… (or); Black coffees matter…

  1. Interesting insights. Not had any personal experiences though.
    When issues like these happen, and I read peoples’ views, I may be more concerned with sampling how open-minded the commenters are. Because, it’s simply not enough to rightly condemn an act. It’s acceptable and important no doubt. But, I am looking to see how much of similar trait the commenters may possess.

    Also, do we hope the media outrage will consume the tendencies for these occurrences? What else may be done, feasibly?

  2. I’ve come to the point where I don’t really trust the police, especially here in Texas. A police officer once made a U-turn into oncoming traffic, ran a red light and almost rear-ended me to stop me for having an expired inspection sticker. I was headed to a pharmacy to pick up a prescription for my father, so I wasn’t exactly concerned about a damn inspection sticker.

    A close friend who is also Hispanic, but very dark-skinned, has been stopped a number of times by police for the most inane of reasons. He’s always been an affable person and owns a real estate firm, buying and refurbishing properties – mainly in Southern Dallas. His good nature compels him to negotiate with anybody, including the police. But he never thought of lodging a formal complaint against one until an officer stopped him several years ago, while he had his daughter in his truck with him. She was very young and petrified when the police showed up. As before, he told me, they’d made some idiotic assumption about him, and it took him a little while to clear up whatever the matter was. His daughter’s fear propelled him to file the formal complaint. I don’t remember what exactly happened, but the issue was resolved rather quickly.

    I know police have a tough and dangerous job. But the authority their profession carries imbues them with a higher degree of accountability than the rest of us.

  3. List of X says:

    I’d say that in the majority of my (not that many) interactions with the police they were pretty professional, but not always.
    But did you know that if people killed by the police were counted in the US murder rate, the law enforcement would be responsible for something like 6-7% of it?

  4. weggieboy says:

    Um, you know, typically we (wp’s) don’t get shot down when we reach for out wallets to get our ID’s or when we have any object that looks like a gun (two liter bottle of Coke; shopping bag; picture of Jesus; hamburger; baguette; etc.) in our hands.

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