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Dear white supremacist racists, why are all your heroes perverts and sexual deviants who never had a normal relationship with a member of the opposite… or any… sex???

Low self-esteem and a troubled relationship with their parents seems to be a theme, resulting in paranoia, delusions, habitual lying, a need to find a scapegoat for their failures, and a love of twisted fetishism that crosses most boundaries of … Continue reading

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I tried to warn you before he was elected…

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Where would you go first if you had a time machine?

I think this would be fun… for a day or two…

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Every freekin’ Photoshop I ever did of Trump, because I am that pissed off… part 20…

The thing is… and this is not at all a good thing… but, I was just doing this series of posts to release a little of my disappointment. I wasn’t going to do any more rants about how bad Trump … Continue reading

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Messin’ with Trump’s head… (Or); I got your nose!…part 3…

This reminds me of a classic old joke: Donald Trump lost his nose! How does he smell? He smells terrible! (Ironically, I first heard this joke told with Adolf Hitler as the punch line… coincidence? I think not!!!)  

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Real life Barbie… the final chapter…

Well, this has been fun. I know, we got a little sidetracked along the way, but we can finish up this series in a serious way… with an American icon that really is a good role model for young girls, even … Continue reading

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Trump gets celebrity endorsements from beyond the grave… part 1…

A famous psychic contacted me to let me know that deceased people are lining up in droves to support Donald Trump. Here is what a certain Mr. Adolf Hitler had to say on the subject: “I love this Trump guy! … Continue reading

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