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Messing with art and history; a ‘spot what’s wrong with this picture’ game… part 17…

See, now that right there is sarcastic irony. Whereas that one is more silly social satire. That one… well, that is just rude. Also, I couldn’t find a hand flipping the finger that was facing the right way, so it … Continue reading

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So, uh, these two are going to meet to discuss the future of the world… part 2…

I mean, maybe they could start off talking about something simple… like hair care products, or how to throw a really good military parade with lots and lots of missiles.  Sort of work their way up to the more important … Continue reading

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The anti-swastika! Peace, love and tie-dye!

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Back in the time machine… we are going to talk about 70’s fashion…

HA! I did that picture, and it is perfect for this post. For years, those of us that were born in the 60’s and came of age in the 70’s have been victims of cruel teasing. Young people laughed at the … Continue reading

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A kiss from the end of a war, and a war that might never end…

You might recognize this famous kiss. This is a statue based on a photograph taken when the surrender of the Japanese was announced, and the end of World War Two brought about a lot of random kissing. I seem to … Continue reading

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I’ve been thinking a lot about world peace lately…

But, as far as I can remember, I have never invaded a sovereign nation before… and besides, that is a pretty complicated subject for a guy with crack squirrels living in his head…

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Star Wars spoilers… (but not really)… part 16…

Once again, can I just say that I am a huge fan of the way the new Star Wars movie allowed the storm troopers to express a little individuality in their personal appearance. It really made the universe feel real … Continue reading

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We should round up all the people who want to pass anti-gun legislation… and shoot them…

No… not really… I haven’t suddenly decided to run for office as the head of the NRA… this is just another of my silly examples of why we really need a sarcasm font…

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The first rule of religious club is; we don’t talk about religious club… (or); seriously, why haven’t you all gotten together and put me in charge of this crazy planet yet?

I did it. I solved another of the world’s major problems. You’re welcome. Religion causes way too many problems. I have been talking it over… with the crack squirrels that live inside my head… and I have a simple solution. … Continue reading

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Here is another one of my crazy ideas: If you are going to kill someone, can you at least come up with a good reason?

I don’t mean to nitpick… but it just seems like people kill other people too easily these days. I mean, I can see how killing another human being might be necessary. I can see how it might come up. I … Continue reading

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