Comic Con… awwwwwwwwwwwwwww…

a 1

That was by far the cutest person I saw in a costume that day.

a 2

It was a family affair… sort of… I mean, mom seemed to be opting out of the whole costume thing…

a 3

But I met a cute baby, so, whatever.

a 4

This was one of the more awesome costumes I saw.

a 5

That robot was totally walking all on its own… with just a little help from a tech support guy.

a 6

And the Oscar for best use of swim fins in a robot scene goes to…

a 7

But seriously… cool…

a 8

I call that one: Thinking about upgrading our helmets.

a 9

Gratuitous Wookie selfie!

a 10

Ummm… I don’t know if a pretty dress and some rubber ears even classifies as a costume… but what the heck.

a 11

No… she wasn’t actually wearing those wings. They were attached to the wall. A photo op spot. But she was standing there… so… what the heck, right?

a 12

If that robot had started to move, that guy would have pooped his pants. Okay, we really are getting to the end of this Comic Con thing. One or two more posts about the people, and then, a few posts of the famous people I saw, and how you can see famous people if you ever go to this thing.



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4 Responses to Comic Con… awwwwwwwwwwwwwww…

  1. Yes, cute baby in a costume matching his dad’s. (I assume that’s his father!) Either way, I hope therapy doesn’t cost his family too much 10 years from now. The only thing I thought when I saw the girl with the rubber ears – not those shoes! The 1970s died nearly 40 years ago! But I do like Elvira’s “mini-me” standing against the angel wing backdrop. Such an interesting dichotomy! Write a children’s book about it, Art! It might get you censored, but that’s always the best publicity!

  2. Gotta love a cute baby!

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