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A step-by-step guide to getting into an inflatable Kayak that might be just a little bit too small for you… with photos…

Step 1. Approach the boat carefully. They are slippery devils. (As I mentioned, my daughter and I got up early to go out on the water. The kayak, a birthday gift from some time ago, is awesome. It fits in … Continue reading

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An early-morning adventure…

Why do Mollie, my daughter, and I look so happy? Because we got up super early and drove down to the bay here in San Diego. We watched the sun come up. And we brought my boat. Yes, Mollie dyed … Continue reading

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My daughter Mollie… and I am only going to give the back story on this once, so read the first post…. part 10…

More random pictures of our trip two years ago… I was going to post photos of something cool we did this morning… But I already had these lined up… Us and our cousins, on the Thames, the day after seeing … Continue reading

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