Alexander Hamilton… my name is Alexander Hamilton…

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Well no, my name isn’t Alexander Hamilton. It’s a line from one of the songs of the play. I know I have been talking about the play for a while, and now it all comes down to this… one post… well, except for that one photo I posted last night.

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A lot of the hype is due to the fact that I went to Comic Con in San Diego exactly one week before I went to see Hamilton in San Francisco. You have no idea how hard it is to get tickets for either one of these events. I don’t have tons of photos from yesterday. I took these with my cell phone. This was like a big event, and I was focusing on that.

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We walked by this dragon.. which looks sort of like a pig to me… in front of the Asian Art Gallery.

a 2

Which is located very near the City Hall building, which is supposed to be one of the more beautiful city hall buildings, if you are into comparing the beauty of city hall buildings.

a 3

If you don’t know anything about Hamilton, it is fairly controversial.

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Not only do they have African American and Latino American actors playing the founding fathers… you can see how maybe a black George Washington might upset some kinds of pea-brained people… but it is a musical… which features rap music. In fact, there isn’t any actual dialogue in the play. It is all rap music. And it is so cleverly written and well-performed, that it will blow your mind.

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Mollie and her boyfriend have been listening to the sound track for quite a while now. They can sing along with all the lyrics to the whole play. This is why this is so brilliant. Most kids don’t care about history. But if you put it to rap music…

a 6

The Orpheum Theater is very nice.

a 7

The inside is stunning.

a 8

It’s got a crazy ceiling.

a 9

Anyway, a bunch of friends and family got together, and we saw a play. We ate food. We walked around San Francisco.

a 11

And it was a pretty awesome day,, but the rest, I am keeping for myself.



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2 Responses to Alexander Hamilton… my name is Alexander Hamilton…

  1. Beautiful theatre. I’ve never seen “Hamilton,” but if it’s set to a rap / hip-hop base, I can honestly say I don’t care to see it. It’s not the multi-racial aspect. I just don’t like rap music. Every once in a while, a rap song will come out that has a pretty good beat. But, other than that, I associate it with violence, alcohol and drug usage and sexual obsession. Just about every male rap star who wins some award for their “work” has a criminal record, children by more than once woman, and rants about drinking and fucking. Then, when they accept the award, they proclaim, “I want to thank God and my mother.” Please! That it’s seeped into the musical mainstream is pretty frightening to me.

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