The lost photos… part 3…

a 1

Okay, I see why this picture got lost. Also, it is a good example of why going shopping with me can be amusing and embarrassing.

a 2

I am still posting some random photos of me that I found hiding in obscure folders while I was looking for family pictures for a wedding… speaking of which, that is me, back in the 80’s, leading my grandmother to her seat at my brother’s wedding.

a 3

Hey, who doesn’t get excited when they find a really big French fry? Don’t judge me.

a 4

Me, snuggling with our dog, Shiloh, when she was just a puppy.

a 5

That might require some explanation. Someone took a photo of me from my mom’s deck, doing some hopscotch. We had a 4th of July tradition… that I invented. I call it: Olympic Hopscotch. It started a few years ago with me joining some of the neighbor kids with chalk marking a regulation hopscotch set on the street where I grew up. I figured we could make it more exciting. So we did a hopscotch that went all the way down the street and up a steep hill. There are hundreds of squares, and they are set up in weird patterns. You have to leap huge gaps, or hop uphill on one foot for ten squares, or leap in circles. By the time you are done, your legs are shaking.

a 6

Mexican food, margaritas, and mariachi music… if you have to ask, you don’t need to know.

a 7

The Queen of England… because we saw her, inspecting the troops at her official birthday celebration. We saw most of the Royal family. We are just that awesome.

a 8

Me, on an awesome horse, on Maui.

a 9

And me, looking rather confused, also on Maui.


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4 Responses to The lost photos… part 3…

  1. Al says:

    I think it is funny. You come over here and see more of our monarchy than the majority of people who live in this country. I live about 70 miles away and have never seen her. Even when she was “just along the road” I never got to go and see her. (It is a long road – she was about 5 miles away)

  2. Lucy Brazier says:

    I am loving 80s Art. Nearly as exciting as that giant french fry.

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